Video & Flash Animation

Video and Flash animation are a great way to spice up your website and bring an appearance of trendiness and modernity to what could otherwise be a bland set of words. That being said flash and video need to be approached carefully and with a balance since they do not feature well in search results and too much can cheapen the look of your website. Think about a building with a bit too much neon and you will know what it means. 
Seagate Marketing is known for it's clean well designed websites which use a good selection of both video and flash for enhancement. When initially working with a new client Seagate Marketing will get a good idea of what is needed to bring the most out of an idea or website. Our staff will propose the strategic use of flash and video which will add value to the site without overdoing it. Every step of the way our staff will keep their eyes open for new ways to enhance the imagery that is available through your site and suggest new avenues. 
So if you are looking to add a bang to your website and want to see how we can make flash work for you, do not hesitate to contact us. As the economy moves forward into the digital age, there can be no understating the value of an attractive website. 

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