Magazine Advertisements

While their strength has declined in recent years print ads are still a leading marketing tool, used by companies all over the world in newspapers, magazines, and special publications. These publications range from local to national and the budget needed to hit a core audience is not as much as some would lead you to believe. 
A careful approach by Seagate Marketing in developing the right ads for the right publications is a core aspect of our business. A directory is maintained of publications in the local and regional areas where we operate. Based on the products and services you may wish to grow awareness of will impact the ad we produce as well as suggestion for placement of the ad. Seagate Marketing works with local publications to ensure that your ad budget gives you the best value for your dollar. 
Effective advertising pays huge dividends in terms of additional customer recognition as well as announcement of special deals and limited time offers. Make sure to take advantage of Seagate Marketing's extensive capabilities to both put your company on the map and create a memorable message for the customer. 


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