Catalogs and Multi-Page Brochures

A Catalog can either be a marketing pitch or a sales vehicle depending upon the intention of the company it is being designed for. Some catalogs have become the primary sales tool for companies which do not wish to worry about retail space and a floor sales force. Catalogs have become increasingly popular with the integration of the internet into product web sites. With Seagate Marketing you can find a resource in which both online and offline catalogs can be created for your marketing purposes. 
Catalogs can be produced as small or as large as you like, in a variety of different formats. Seagate Marketing will work with you to ensure that your products and offerings are effectively represented in the catalog. At the same time a PDF can be produced for online delivery to greatly expand the reach of your new marketing driver. 
As always Seagate Marketing can take care of everything from development to delivery to your mailing list. Why worry about anything more then what you need to worry about when you can go to Seagate Marketing for all of your catalog needs. 

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